The Asian American Commission (AAC) is a Massachusetts Commission established under section 68 of chapter 3 of the Massachusetts General Laws, which went into effect on October 29, 2006.  The AAC was formed in recognition of the General Court’s findings that Asian Americans constitute the fastest growing minority population in both the  Commonwealth and the United States, that they represent a diverse population within the Commonwealth, and that many members of the Asian American community have overcome great hardship and made outstanding contributions to the educational, economic, technological, and cultural well being of the Commonwealth, but still face many challenges in their efforts for full social, economic, and political integration within the Commonwealth.

The AAC is a permanent body dedicated to advocacy on behalf of Asian Americans throughout Massachusetts. The Commission’s goal is to recognize and highlight the vital contributions of Asian Americans to the social, cultural, economic, and political life of the Commonwealth; to identify and address the needs and challenges facing residents of Asian ancestry; and to promote the well-being of this dynamic and diverse community, thereby advancing the interests of all persons who call Massachusetts home.

2014 Annual Report 

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